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Kinkajou Face Kinkajou : Bored Dogs Become Destructive

Is your dog bored? Dogs that are bored tend to get into trouble by looking for ways to entertain themselves. Boredom can lead to excessive chewing, barking, digging, and other destructive behaviours.

Our dogs were bred to work alongside humans, so without proper stimulation they can easily become bored. Instead of having a job to do most of our canine companions are left alone while we work – and then when we get home we hand them a free meal. That’s great for couch potatoes, but many of our dogs are left with a lot of excess energy at the end of the day. They need boredom busters & activities to occupy both their bodies and minds.

The Hang Dog Bored Look Boredom

One Big Problem is most of us don’t have actual jobs for our dogs to do. They don’t have to work for their food, affection or toys; they get it all for free. And while getting stuff for free is great, it leaves many of our dogs with a lot of down time.

Dogs need some exercise. Dogs will tell you how much exercise they need by their behaviour. If they remain frisky, excitable or spend a lot of time running around, digging or doing mischief, they will likely be happier if they are given more exercise. Walking is the premier exercise and one of the easiest to deliver.

Kinkajou Face Kinkajou : QUIZ TIME: some dogs need Mental Exercise as Well

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: Answer yes or no to the following questions.

1. Does your dog lie down at home when you are busy and leave you alone?

2. Does your dog chew things when left alone or if you aren't paying enough attention to him?

3. Does your dog bark for attention at you and/or at other dogs/people when out on leash?

4. Does your dog have a sensitive stomach and/or diarrhoea often?

5. Does your dog sometimes seem "stubborn"?

6. Does your dog bother you to play constantly?

7. Does your dog not seem to wear out?

8. Does your dog sometimes not sleep all night and/or wake you in the night?

9. Does your dog get rowdy with other dogs and play rough all the time?

10. Does your dog not calm down fairly quickly and/or not at all when guests come over?

If you answered "YES" to 4 or more of those then likely your problem isn't a lack of enough physical exercise. It's more likely due to over-extended levels of over-arousal and/or over-stimulation that aren't easily able to be put in check.

Schnauser Sentry on ard - Mental Stimulation

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: Owners need to teach their dog to relax, chill and keep their arousal levels in check. Owners need to  provide







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